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Karwan e suo a Haram Hajj and Umrah is a dedicated Pakistan based tour operator that provides high-end Hajj and Umrah packages catering for every aspect of your journey.

★ We know how much Hajj & Umrah means to you, so we give you the best.

★ We work tirelessly to deliver excellence: from the choice of flights, selection of hotels, room options, timetabled seminars with the Scholars in Medina, to dining and travel throughout the trip, we are there to give everything that Premier touch.

★ Think, fellow Muslim brother and sister, this is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for many, it is a pilgrimage to the Sacred places of worship, so let us make it count, make it memorable and comfortable!

★ When we know that our travel, accommodation and dining requirements have been taken care of, we can focus on the actual purpose of our visit: worship and seeking knowledge.

★ Karwan e suo a Haram Hajj and Umrah is Registered Hajj & Umrah Tour Operator in Pakistan as well as in Saudia Arabia.

Hajj Ministry Pakistan

Hajj Ministry Saudia Arabia

Reistered by
Goverment of Pakistan & Saudi Arabia
Pakistan Enrollment No 3104 & Saudia Arabia Enrollment No 2594